End of the Year Awards

panicThe end of the school year can be a very busy time.  Final performances are looming, you need to get your room cleaned out, and final grades must be entered on time!  It is easy to forget that end of the year awards are coming too.  Stanton’s carries a variety of gift items for students of all ages, interests and abilities.

If you’d like to get something small for all your students, consider a pencil, pen or eraser.  We have several styles to choose from, and maybe, just maybe, your kids will have a pencil on the stand for the next rehearsal.

Recognize your outstanding students with something they will wear and use as they continue their musical career.  In our jewelry collection you will find something unique and beautiful in lots of different styles.  For your male students, consider a necktie.  You’re sure to see it next year at solo and ensemble!

Graduating students will look back on their experiences in your musical ensembles as some of the best in their high school career.  Those continuing their musical pursuits might find a tuner, metronome, or pitch pipe useful.  Others may love a great coffee mug or water bottle to take along to college.

For questions about these or other gift items, contact our Keyboard Dept. at 1-800-42-MUSIC or email keyboard@stantons.com.  Congratulations on finishing another great school year!


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