Behind the Scenes – True Stories from the Stanton’s Staff

questioning girlquestioning girlLife has a way of supplying incidents that make you want to scratch your head in amused bewilderment!  Here are some true “Stanton’s Stories” that made us ask the proverbial question, “?!?!?”

A customer who directs a community band called to order single parts to dozens of band pieces.  Why?  His second trumpet player had his house broken into and the thief not only took valuable musical instruments and equipment, but also stole his 2nd trumpet folder. – ?!?!?

A professionally dressed woman came in to the store to buy a beginning violin book for her child.  This being her first experience, she asked, in all innocence, “What happens when we’re done with the book – do you buy them back?” – ?!?!?

Apparently some people are so sure that “big brother is watching” that they don’t feel the need to provide any pertinent information we could use to help them.  We got an anonymous email from a customer that simply said, “wrong cd.” -?!?!?

We got a call from a school band director who said, “I’ve been calling everyplace to find this piece that’s not published yet – do you have it?” – !!!?

Whatever happened to “Thou Shalt Not Steal?”  Someone once tried to use a stolen credit card to order some sacred church music. – ?!?!?

A school music teacher ordered some classroom books via email and wrote, “We have a new middle school building, so do not send the music to the old 123 Main Street address.”  However, she didn’t feel the need to tell us the new address. -?!?!?

When a fellow ordered some unusual manuscript paper online, we were concerned since it was a very specialized paper that had to be ordered in from Germany.  It was expensive and could take several weeks to import.  We contacted the customer to relay this information and to confirm that this was the product he was hoping to get. He said, “Oh no, just send any staff paper.  I’m a drummer and want to write down some rhythms!” – ?!?!?


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  1. BEHIND THE SCENES: True Stories from Stanton’s | Stanton's Sheet Music

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