Teacher Materials

Classical Piano Masters

recommended by Caryn G. and Judy S., Piano Music Specialists The “Classical Piano Masters” series contains some of the most often taught original piano literature by dozens of master composers of the past, carefully selected and compiled by difficulty level:… Read More ›

Ten to Teach… Series

recommended by Jen Sper and Lora Moore, School Choral and Classroom Music Specialists The “Ten to Teach…” series of resources from Heritage Music Press provide carefully crafted lessons from master educators including Artie Almeida, Donna Dirksing, Kate Kuper, and Mari… Read More ›

Sing & Celebrate!

recommended by Judy H. and Jennifer F., Sacred Choral Music Specialists Sing and Celebrate 8! “Sing and Celebrate 8!” provides everything you need for developing younger elementary choirs in your church! Designed for grades K-3, “Sing and Celebrate 8!” contains… Read More ›