In Pursuit of Adventure: Exciting New Pieces for Band

by Ken Tilger, Band Education Specialist –

In pursuit of adventurous (and quality) programming, I’m thrilled to share these exciting new pieces for concert band.  Of course, they’re favorites of ours, but more importantly, they pass the “smell test” – they musically live up to their title and/or theme.  From fairy tale and mythological fantasy to thrill-seeking excitement (and a little history!) there is plenty of variety to choose from, and they are guaranteed to be awesomely fun to play!  Enjoy!

Pursuit of the Centaur
Robert Sheldon
Alfred Young Symphonic
Grade 2.5         $55.00
The name says it all!  Pursuit of the Centaur is full of mythological excitement and adventure (and 16th note runs, triplet rhythms, and horn rips!!); a film score in search of a movie.  Bold harmonies, accented and marcato rhythms, harmonized melody lines, staggered rhythmic motion, and a full battery of percussion propel the pursuit ever forward.  The key change puts it over the top (if that’s even possible).  Your students will absolutely love this work, and your audience will be enthralled.

Chris M. Bernotas
Alfred Young Symphonic
Grade 3                        $58.00
This piece starts with immediate exhilaration and velocity, and is full of energy, with uplifting syncopated rhythms and strong melodic lines that will engage both the students and audience. The legato section is representative of the time when a skydiver enjoys the beauty of the scenery. The energy and thrill come back and drive to the end with non-stop excitement.

Stanton’s also recommends:
For Young Band:
Capturing the Blue Riband, Stormchasing, Wild West Saga
For High School: The Dragon Prince, Great Wall (The Legend of Qi Jiguang)

About the Author:
Ken is a former band director, and has been with Stanton’s since 2004.  Besides music, he geeks out on comic books, amusement parks, hockey, and all things Pittsburgh.  He’s excited to get NHLTV for Christmas so he can watch the Penguins – Let’s Go Pens!


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