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recommended by Dan C., Orchestra Specialist

As you explore new music for your string orchestra, we trust that you will consider Stanton’s recommendations. You will find them on our mailed promotions, blog, e-blasts, and Stanton’s website:

Our staff reads through all the new music each year and picks the select few that we feel are educationally valid, provide interesting parts for everyone and will make good concert and festival repertoire. The larger publishers provide many options from which to choose and we always find good literature from among their offerings. The smaller publishers have fewer titles to present, but there are often some real gems among them which we like to point out to teachers who may have missed them in the plethora of publishers’ promotions.

Here are this year’s Stanton’s String Orchestra favorites from some smaller publishers in Grade Level order:

Criancas da Canoa (Canoe Children) – arr. Steven Frackenpohl
9013 – Grade 2 – Kendor Cadet Series – $48.00
Three lively Brazilian children’s songs with shared melodies.

Edge of Silence – Clarence Barber
50250094 – Grade 2 – Ludwig/Masters – $45.00
Slow tumble and flow will increase the maturity of any group.

Elephant’s Trumpet – Clarence Barber
50250097 – Grade 2 – Ludwig/Masters – $48.00
Cool String Bass section feature with “trumpeting” glissandi.

Escape – Kevin Sluder
GMMOR141 – Grade 2 – Grand Mesa Music – $50.00
Developing an intense theme with imitation and overlayments.

Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen – arr. David Bobrowitz
GMMOR134 – Grade 2 – Grand Mesa Music – $40.00
Emotional, unique setting of a tune said to have brought Lincoln to tears.

Theme with Academic Variations – arr. Jeffrey S. Bishop
3035321 – Grade 2 – Wingert-Jones – $45.00
Demonstrate the precision needed to perform a piece as perfectly as possible.

Down at the Farm – arr. James K. Taylor
GMMOR139 – Grade 3 – Grand Mesa Music – $50.00
Rakes of Mallow and Red Wing with fun, unexpected, imaginative surprises.

Pony Express – Brian Holmes
3035401 – Grade 3 – Wingert-Jones – $50.00
6/8 time and shifting harmonies capture the thrill of the Pony Express.

Brahms Hungarian Dance #1 – Brahms/arr. Frank Rodgers
SO334 – Grade 3-4 – MSB Publishing – $48.00
Slightly simplified, chromatic, G minor Hungarian Dance.

Perpetuoso – Brian Holmes
3035411 – Grade 3.5 – Wingert-Jones – $50.00
Perpetual motion piece with modern harmonies and groovy syncopation.

Diem Jubilate – Elliot Del Borgo
SO335 – Grade 5 – MSB Publishing – $65.00
A modern, challenging processional or impressive concert opener.

About the Author:
Dan C. has worked at Stanton’s since 1979, primarily with orchestra music and print promotions. A “working” musician, he’s a classical cellist, a rock & jazz bassist and a folk & country guitarist/singer. His free time is spent with family or reading, gardening, cycling and working puzzles. His series of musical puzzles (RP3 Rebus Puzzle Picture People) can be found on the Stanton’s Facebook page each Sunday. He also has a reputation as a pretty good joke teller. Seriously.


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