First Lessons in Piano Improv

00159521_CoverWhether the goal is to be a classical or a jazz performer, improvisation provides an avenue to engage more deeply in learning the rules and patterns of music. Good improvisers become native speakers of musical language and not just readers of notes, and that idea is what provided the inspiration for “First Lessons in Piano Improv” by classical and jazz pianist Jeremy Siskind. Aimed toward the classically-trained late elementary/early intermediate pianist (and their teacher), this clearly-written guide takes pianists through fun, easy exercises, providing helpful tips and guidelines along the way. Siskind writes: “We are often told that improvisation simply means making stuff up. While that is technically true, it is important to note that some improvisations are better than others. A good improvisation, like any good piece of music, should be rhythmic, cohesive, logical, and feel complete. The book demonstrates how to learn the rules of music through improvisation so that when you improvise, you are making up good stuff.”  For more information about this book and others like it, call us at 1.800.42.MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at


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