OMEA Solo and Ensemble Event


It’s January, which means OMEA solo and ensemble season is here! Here are some reminders to make sure that that busy day goes smoothly for you and your students:

1) Make sure that your student is playing from an original copy, not a photocopy, of music.
– Even if you have purchased the music, copying it and playing from a photocopy is an infringement of
copyright law.

2) Similarly, make sure the judge has an original score (with measures numbered!) from which to read.

3) Make sure that your student is playing from the correct edition of their music. To check the list of approved editions, follow these steps:
– Enter the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Page
– Select JH or HS
– Choose “area,” then select your instrument
– Select the event about which you are inquiring
– Click “class,” and select the class in which your student is performing
– Click on the title of the piece (they will be listed alphabetically by title)
– Click the arrow on the right, then “view approved editions”

4) Contact us with any questions you may have about OMEA music! We are happy to help you, and can be reached at 1.800.42.MUSIC using any of the following extensions, or via email:
– ext 1: Choral and Classical Vocal (
– ext 2: Instrumental (
– ext 3: Keyboard and Pop (


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