Instruments, A-Z

21exqpkxeOLWelcome to month #2 of “Instruments A-Z”.  Our first “B” instrument is bongos.  Bongos belong in the membranophone class of percussion instruments.  Bongos come in a pair bolted together. One drum is larger than the other.  Bongos are played with the bare hands. A “B” instrument from the aerophone group is a bullroarer.  It’s not so hard to play, but you need some space to use it in-preferably outdoors! The bandura is a string instrument from Ukraine.  Apparently, the more strings the instrument has, the more the bandurists like it. Watch for next month when we feature the letter “C”. Those instruments won’t necessarily be common, any more than these were. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs.


Categories: Folk Music, Music Education, Staff Picks


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