The Stanton’s Difference: Knowledgeable Staff

At Stanton’s, we know you have many choices when it comes to purchasing sheet music.  Over the next few weeks, we want to take the opportunity to highlight just a few of the many reasons why Stanton’s is the best place to buy music for your school, church, private studio or personal use!

Every teacher has experienced the frustration of trying to explain something musical to a non-musician.  Rest assured, that will never happen when you call Stanton’s!  All of our sales staff are college graduates with music degrees, many of whom have years of teaching experience in the classroom and/or private studio.  Even most members of our non-sales staff are active musicians with a wide range of experiences from rock musician to church pianist!

Want to know what key a piece is in?  The range of a trumpet part?  How difficult a piano solo is?  We will be happy to pull in-stock products for you or research to find an answer.

Our staff also spends hundreds of hours each year listening to all the new releases from countless different publishers.  We select the best of each catalog to become Stanton’s “Top Choices.”  Different from publishers interested in promoting certain products or composers, we make our selections with YOU in mind.  Our staff chooses quality literature to help you make the most of your teaching time and your budget dollars.

Like you, we enjoy flexing our “musical muscles.”  If you have a tricky question, call or email us with your specific needs.  Because we see so many products each year, we are able to suggest resources for almost any teacher, no matter how unusual the request.

To talk with one of the friendly members of our staff, visit us online at, or give us a call at 1-800-42-MUSIC!

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Originally published June 16th, 2014


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