Graduation Music For Band and Orchestra

Uh-oh….Did you forget graduation is around the corner?  Order a new copy of your old standby so you’re sure to have all the parts, or try something new this year!  The instrumental department at Stanton’s keeps plenty of copies in stock so give us a call today!

Best-Selling Arrangements for Concert Band:

Academic Processional & Recessionalarr. Robert W. Smith & Ed Huckeby
012-3874-00 – Grade 3 – $72.00
At last, a fresh and welcome new treatment of the ceremonial “must-haves” – Pomp and Circumstance and Sine Nomine – for the Grade 3 level! Skillfully scored for success even with limited instrumentation, they nevertheless sound full and solid, with some inspired creative touches.
crown imperial

Crown Imperial William Walton/W.J. Duthoit  – 48010656 – Grade 4/5 – $120.00
This “old warhorse” will give your upper level bands something to challenge them right up until the end of the school year.

Fanfare and Processional/Fanfare and Recessional
– by Edward Elgar/arr. James D. Ployhar – BD00492 – Grade 3 – $65.00
THE standard for over 40 years! Featuring Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, as well as original fanfares and a recessional by James D. Ployhar, this arrangement is a staple of high school band libraries across the country.

Other options for Concert Band

Pomp and Circumstance Elgar/Stanton (Build-a-Band Series with flexible instrumentation) – 026-4066-00 – Grade 3 – $50.00

Pomp and Circumstance Marches Elgar/Williams (themes from all 4 Elgar marches in the Alfred Challenger Series) – 22252- Grade 2 – $48.00
Pomp and Circumstance/RecessionalElgar/Hill & Elledge (correlates with the Best in Class Band Method Book 2) – GB865 – Grade 2 – $40.00

For Full Orchestra-

Crown ImperialWalton/Stone (graduation warhorse for better orchestras) – GMCL013 – Grade 4-5 – $70.00
Pomp and Circumstance Elgar/Whitney (close to original, but somewhat easier) – 33680 -Grade 3.5 – $58.00

For String Orchestra-

Pomp and Circumstance Elgar/Del Borgo (very playable version from an established arranger) – BSO9703 – Grade 2-3 – $45.00
Pomp and CircumstanceElgar/Frost (nice and easy, but still sounds complete) – SO246C – Grade 2.5 – $45.00


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