Stanton’s Employee Orchestra

10849837_10154965200825052_5872004811299345621_nMeet  Stanton’s Employee Orchestra.  This unique orchestra includes instruments from A to Z, literally.  It includes autoharp to zither, (Three zithers).  From front, left , a small zither is being played. A larger, “Perfecta” zither is in the middle row on the right. The book to learn to play these instruments is  the Darr Method for Zither. Front row, second from left is an autoharp (with 21 chords).  Books of all kinds are available to learn to play the autoharp, or chromaharp.  First row front, third from left, is a merry mandolinist.  We have lots of music for mandolins, too. In the back row, third from left, is a different sort of mandolin.  It is a banjo mandolin.  In the front row on the right is a type of plucked psaltery called a “Melody Harp”. If you check out this link, you can find out how to get one and the music for it.  We have two ukuleles in our orchestra. In the middle row to the left, there is a tenor ukulele.  In the back row on the left, there is a banjo ukulele (soprano version).  Of course, we have lots of ukulele music.  In the middle row, second from the left, is another type of zither It’s a Jubel Tone zither.  You kind of have to figure it out for yourself, but if you are a string player, it’s easy.  In the middle row third from the left is a ukelin.  Follow this link to find out about this one. In the back row second from left is one of the more “normal” instruments in our orchestra.  It is a guitar.  Sure, we got music for that!  Our last instrument is in the back row on the right.  This is a tenor banjo. Yep, there is some music for that, too.  Come visit and hear us play, sometime. (We dare you!)


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  1. Awesome inspiration! I play dulcimer and various ukes with a banjo and an accordionist. It is great fun and most unusual. Keep playing together….has to be a blast!

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