Excellence Clinic 2014 Recap

Excellence logo NEWOn Saturday, August 23, Stanton’s Sheet Music hosted our 21st annual Excellence in Choral Literature Clinic! Our attendees gathered in the James E. Strouse Workshop Hall with our clinician Jim Gallagher, Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University, and some of our choral staff (including our wonderful accompanist, Joyce Stonebraker) and had a fantastic morning reading through a wide variety of high-quality music for choirs at all levels of difficulty. We spent a little bit of time socializing and catching up with old friends, and A LOT of time discovering beautiful new music!

Did you miss out on this year’s Clinic? Never fear! Here are just a few of our favorite pieces that were featured:

For middle school choirs: Cangia, Cangia Tue Voglie arr. Tom Shelton
For high school choirs: Exultabunt Sancti in Gloria by J.M. Haydn/ed. Martin Banner
For college choirs: Live a Humble arr. Stacey V. Gibbs
For community choirs: I’m Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing arr. K. Lee Scott
For holiday concerts: The Work of Christmas by Dan Forrest
For women’s choirs: The Coolin’ by Ryan O’Connell
For men’s choirs: The Dawn’s Awake! by Laura Farnell

You can still receive the full clinic packet for the registration fee of $15 (while supplies last). This year’s packet includes over 30 octavos, and contains an incredible amount of repertoire variety! Contact us if you are interested!


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