Teachers! We carry prizes and awards for students!

Girl with giftIt’s time to start thinking about prizes and awards for your students!  Stanton’s carries all kinds of gifts, from forty cent pencils to lovely music-themed water globe music boxes for forty-three dollars.   We have sheets of shiny music stickers with 30+ stickers for $2.95  a sheet, and packages of four sheets of either black or brightly colored notes and clefs for $1.95 a package.  There are refrigerator (or locker) magnets for $1.50: Kitten on the Keys, “got music”, the first page of “The Entertainer”, and more.  There are non-sharpening pencils for .95 each, and a set for $2.00 including a non-sharpening pencil, a ballpoint pen, and a small eraser.  There are heavy duty bookmarks for $1.99, and treble clef pins in boxes for $2.50.    Browse our website, http://www.stantons.com and check out our “gifts” category to see what is available. Call ahead  to check on what is in stock.  Stock up while you are here for one of our workshops, or order by phone!  1-800-42-MUSIC. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!



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