Have You Ordered Your Copy of Fanfare and Processional Yet?

Is your set missing too many parts to be usable, or are your students having trouble with the hard-to-read photocopies of photocopies that have long since replaced your originals? Each year Stanton’s stocks multiples of James D. Ployhar’s graduation standard Fanfare and Processional/Fanfare and Recessional knowing that band directors around the country will be replacing their worn out, half lost arrangements. Is this the year to replace your copy? Order your new set today!

Fanfare and Processional/Fanfare and Recessional
Edward Elgar/arr. James D. Ployhar
Grade 3                        $65.00
THE standard for over 40 years! Featuring Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance, as well as original fanfares and a recessional by James D. Ployhar, this arrangement is a staple of high school band libraries across the country.

Looking for an alternative?

Academic Processional & Recessional
arr. Robert W. Smith & Ed Huckeby
Grade 3                        $72.00
At last, a fresh and welcome new treatment of the ceremonial “must-haves” – Pomp and Circumstance and Sine Nomine – for the Grade 3 level! Skillfully scored for success even with limited instrumentation, they nevertheless sound full and solid, with some inspired creative touches.


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