Sight-Reading for Band and Orchestra

What is one of the weakest technical areas for school bands and orchestras? SIGHT READING!  Not only is it scored at adjudicated events, it is a skill that all musicians need to develop for their musical arsenal.

So how do you strengthen your students’ sight-reading chops?

The answer is:

The Sight Reading Book For Band and The Sight Reading Book For String Orchestra, both by Jerry West.


The 100 short pieces contain various key signatures and meters, key changes, meter changes, accidentals, reversal of rhythms, repeats of various types, hemiola and isolations of various sections of the ensemble – just like “real” sheet music would, so you all get a true sight reading experience.  Since it is in book form, it can be easily passed out and passed back in and stashed for the next time you want to do some sight reading.

As your students become better sight readers, they will become better musicians and your group’s overall performance will improve.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

For more great materials to help your bands and orchestras succeed, contact the knowledgeable staff at Stanton’s by calling 1-800-42-MUSIC.


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