Technology in the Music Classroom

Technology is a huge part of today’s education landscape.  Even as other parts of the budget are cut, technology coordinators are often eager and able to help teachers purchase software that provides tools for data-driven assessment, facilitates student-led learning and provides materials that can be used again and again.  Stanton’s loves these new resources for using your computer and interactive white board to enhance music learning.  Talk to your district’s technology coordinator today about purchasing some of these amazing products!

Interactive Music Tools by Cristi Cary Miller

Demonstrate and assess with projectable sight and sound keyboard visuals!  Discover dozens of ways to use these handy interactive graphics in your classroom, all set in a user-friendly PDF format that uses Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher.  Six visuals are presented on the CD-ROM in the Keys of C, F, G diatonic and pentatonic.  Play different patterns of sound as others watch and listen.  Show steps and skips, high and low, ascending and descending patterns, and much more.  Demonstrate a simple ostinato accompaniment so everyone can see and hear the pattern before transferring it to a pitched classroom instrument.  Invite students to compose a pentatonic accompaniment on the spot!  Also included are helpful suggestions by master music educator Cristi Cary Miller on more ways to use these projectable sound graphics to reinforce music theory, ear training and assessment.  You’ll want to keep these great visual learning tools at your fingertips.  Minimize 1 or more of the keyboard graphics on your whiteboard or computer desktop for instant access throughout the day.  Great for all your visual learners!  Appropriate for grades K-6.

Luigi’s Listening Lab by Christi Cary Miller and John Jacobson

Come on, all you listening ears out there!  Join Maestro Luigi and his trusted baton for a multimedia study of some of the great masterworks by Franz Josef Haydn, Camille Saint-Saens, Henry Mancini, George Gershwin, John Williams and more!  Luigi’s Baton will entertain with recorded fun facts about the composers and their writings, and students will become actively engaged with full-color maps while listening to quality orchestral recordings.  A Digital Student Edition comes with the Teacher Edition, so you can project or print from your computer!  This enclosed student CD-ROM features projectable full-color listening maps with embedded audio recordings and Luigi’s story tracks, so you can listen and watch with a single click – all set in a user-friendly PDF format that uses Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher.  There are also printable black/white stories and maps.  The Teacher Edition offers easy-to-present lesson plans linked to the National Standards for all the material. Make sure to put this incredible interactive resource on your must have list!

Mi in the Middle by Phyllis Thomas

Designed specifically for developing choirs, this collection of eight interactive units will introduce your singers to the tonic triad and require them to use their knowledge in a variety of sight-singing and aural-identification activities.  Activities include note names, solfège, and pitch numbers so that you can tailor them to your preferred system, and lessons are designed for whole-class and student-led instruction.  Additional customizable files and printable resources provide even more learning opportunities for you and your students.  Multi-use and site licenses are available.  For grades 5-8.

Music Madness! by Artie Almeida

In her tradition of “heavy academics, delivered joyfully,” Artie is more excited than ever to bring you this collection of interactive games for use with interactive whiteboards as well as any computer capable of running Adobe Flash. Your students will love the incredible graphics, engaging animation, and fast-paced competition, while clearly stated learning goals, leveled play, and individual and team options will provide you with countless ways to use this software in your music classroom. Multi-use and site licenses are available.

For more information on these and other great technology products, contact us at Stanton’s Sheet Music today!


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