Great New Concert Pieces for Developing Band

The staff at Stanton’s Sheet Music is known for making really good recommendations of new music – titles that are worth teaching and adding to your library, fun to sing and play, and that will keep your audience engaged and interested.  That is what our promotions are all about; sifting through the hundreds of new titles released each year so that we can suggest the best of them, and save you valuable time.  This is also why we write our own descriptions for the titles we suggest.  Our band staff is excited about the following new pieces that offer great music teaching and programming opportunities for your developing band.

Alan Lee Silva
Grade 1.5
A mix of regal, Americana tone and staccato dance-like articulations combined with short motifs passed through the ensemble, Bridges is reminiscent of mid-20th century American classical composition – think Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man meets his Appalachian Spring plus. An enjoyable listen, contrasts in articulation, rhythm, tempo changes, orchestration, and style of playing will help your band grow by leaps and bounds.

Larry Clark
Grade 1.5
Epic is full of contrasts – staccato rhythmic playing vs. legato counterlines; full driving unison in the winds vs. more delicate melodic lines; thunderous percussion vs. light mallets; plenty of dynamics; and call and response between the winds and percussion. Although a fairly simple work, there is plenty to work on with your developing band.

Passage of Arms
Jack Wild
Grade 1.5
Full of intensity, adventure, and excitement this depiction of knights during the Middle Ages will really begin pushing your ensemble – counterlines and 8th note scale figures are passed between sections, rhythmic independence and counting are a must in the full ensemble passages, articulation varies (accented, legato, staccato, tongued 8th notes), with driving percussion throughout.

Sean O’Loughlin
Grade 2
Aptly titled, Elation is a celebratory, pulsing overture full of 8th note patterns, syncopations, and rhythmic punctuations! The interesting, contemporary harmonies, and subtle shifts in the composition along with a minor key middle section are sure to hold audience interest and will make it plenty of fun to play!


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