New Grade 2 Orchestra

Hey String Teachers! Holy Cow! Have you looked at your calendar? It’s almost August! School is just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about what music you are going to use to start the new school year!

Here are some of the pieces that got the most positive responses at the Stanton’s Sheet Music New Music Reading Sessions at the Ohio State University String Teacher Workshop in early July. Check them out on our sheet music website:

MYSTIC FAWN by Keiko Yamada
Carl Fischer    YAS125    Gr. 2    $50.00
-4 separated quarter notes in one bow (“squeeze” technique) G major/E minor contrast
-Close harmony in 1st/2nd violins, nice counter-melodies in viola and cello with bass anchor
-Carefree & gentle concert contrast; a misty, musical depiction of a deer in early morning

PASTORELLA by Richard Meyer
Highland/Etling/Alfred    40476    Gr. 2    $48.00
-Learn the finite rhythmic options of 6/8 time, plus Bb, Eb, F natural accidentals
-A high voice tune and a low voice tune are introduced, then woven together
-Gracious, Spanish flavored charmer briefly shows off your first stand of violins

Carl Fischer    YAS116    Gr. 2.5    $50.00
-Pop music special effects – syncopation, scoops, strums, glissandi, wood taps, fall offs
-Your string orchestra becomes a Blues/Funk/Fiddle band, with optional improvised solo
-High energy “alternative style” with a Bo Diddley groove – a real crowd pleaser

GAVOTTE AND RIGADON by Georg Phillip Telemann/arr. Janet Farrar-Royce
Belwin/Alfred    40423    Gr. 2.5    $48.00
-Work on G#, D# and Bb, staccato bows, first and second endings
-All parts are active and involved, making it fun for everyone
-Play one or both movements to show off the Baroque charm that makes strings sing

Contact Stanton’s Orchestra Department for more great recommendations!


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