New Grade 1 Orchestra

Hey String Teachers!  Holy Cow!  Have you looked at your calendar?  It’s almost August!  School is just around the corner!  It’s time to start thinking about what music you are going to use to start the new school year!

Here are some of the pieces that got the most positive responses at the Stanton’s Sheet Music New Music Reading Sessions at the Ohio State University String Teacher Workshop in early July.  Check them out on our sheet music website:

Kendor    8754    Gr. 1    $42.00
-Swung eighth notes, C naturals in key of D, dynamic extremes, gentle syncopation
-Walking bass line often shared with celli, rhythmic-unison repeated note patterns
-The kids will think they are so cool and the parents will be “peacock proud”

Ludwig/Masters    50250069    Gr. 1    $45.00
-Develop pizzicato, tremolo, light staccato bowing and reinforce counting rests
-Everyone’s part is important and the melody is shared.  Add flexitone & vacuum cleaner!
-“Spooky” novelty, perfect for second year players’ late October concert

EL GATO PIZZICATO by Richard Meyer
Highland/Etling/Alfred    40460    Gr. 1.5     $42.00
-Introduce the concepts of glissandos (intro to basics of shifting), D.S. al Coda
-Everyone gets pizzicato, arco & special vocal effects plus there is optional percussion
-Spanish flavored novelty – a fun salute to cats, with “meows,” hisses and percussion

SILHOUETTES by Alan Lee Silva
Carl Fischer    FAS81    Gr. 1.5    $47.00
-Contrasting styles – legato melodies, driving marcato phrases, quiet pizzicatos
-Concertmaster has short solos, while everyone shares flowing melodies and more
-Graceful, lilting piece in the expressive, pseudo film-score style of Mr. Silva.

Contact Stanton’s Orchestra Department for more great recommendations!


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