New for Orchestra!

Orchestra Directors! Now is the time of year when publishers are sending out their promotional materials for the next school year.  One smaller company you won’t want to overlook is Grand Mesa Music out of Colorado.  Stanton’s carries their music and recommends that you pay close attention to their selections, which offer a wide variety of grade levels and styles. We especially like these new titles:

GMMOR82 – Classic Christmas Medley – Grade 1
GMMOR87 – Snow Ride, Grade 2
GMMOR88 – Loch Lomond – Grade 2+
GMMOR90 – Labyrinth – Grade 2+
GMMOR91 – Three Pieces – Grade 3+
GMMOR92 – The Rejoicing – Grade 3
GMMOR93 – Illumination – Grade 3
GMMOR98 – After the Rain – Grade 3
GMMOR99 – Scenes of the Old West – Grade 3+
GMMOR100 – Pizzicato Blues – Grade 4
GMMOR101 – Still, Still, Still – Grade 2+

Contact our Orchestra Department for more recommendations. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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