Walk a Mile in my Shoes

We’ve all heard the expression “Walk a mile in my shoes.”  Even the late Joe South had a hit song by that title back in 1970. It basically means that you shouldn’t judge anyone until you realize what their life experience is.

Can we trade shoes for a moment?  Here is Stanton’s life experience.

At Stanton’s Sheet Music, our sales representatives have virtually all earned Music Education degrees, many have taught in the public and/or private schools, many teach or have taught private lessons, many have worked in church music settings, and many of them are “gigging” musicians.  We are musicians and we speak “Music.”  One of our main objectives, when choosing new music to promote each year, is to find music that we would want to use if we were teaching or programming music for the church and/or school year.

Several of the staff members are also deeply involved in the constant updating of our website, www.stantons.com.  We keep adding website applications that will make things easier and more productive for our customers – things like our Virtual Workshops, our Listening Library, our Wishlist feature, the Stanton’s Jukebox, the advanced search with multiple search options and many others.  Stanton’s website has the capability of allowing customers to download sheet music for many titles, and we also stock tens of thousands of titles on our shelves for immediate delivery.

Our bookkeeping department keeps things clean and simple, with clear, concise invoices and monthly statements for school and church accounts.  We accept itemized and open purchase orders and can set up new institutional accounts in minutes.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover for personal or institutional purchases.

So if you were in our shoes, what would you want to do to help our customers?  Do you have any suggestions of things we could do to improve our service to you?  Are there things on our website that you like to see presented differently?  Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Gee, if only Stanton’s could…”

If so, let us know!  Share your ideas with us, and perhaps we can institute them – maybe we already do and you just don’t know it!  Email us (greatservice@stantons.com), give us a call (1-800-42-MUSIC – 1-800-426-8742), or stop in and chat (330 S. 4th St., Columbus, Ohio 43215). We want to make our service to you better than anything you’ve experienced at other sheet music companies.  We try to wear your shoes when thinking of how to serve you better, but we don’t know your complete life experience.  We’ve been here for our customers since 1960, and know that if we can help you to be successful, we will be successful. Please let us know anything we can do to enhance your music purchasing experience!


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