From Prime Time to the Silver Screen for Band!

The soundtracks from our favorite movies and TV shows offer a wealth of great music that can “walk the line” between pop and classical. Choose one of these great arrangements recommended by Stanton’s band department:

Music from Brave
arr. Michael Sweeney, Grade 1.5
Here are the main themes from the popular Disney/Pixar movie Brave in a concise and easy to learn setting for very young players. Sure to sound great with limited rehearsal time.

Highlights from Brave
arr. Sean O’Loughlin, Grade 3
Featuring a marvelous blend of Celtic-flavored themes, Patrick Doyle’s soundtrack from the blockbuster Disney/Pixar film Brave ranges in mood from haunting and lyrical, to powerful and majestic.

Dark Shadows
Danny Elfman, arr. Victor Lopez, Grade 2.5
Director Tim Burton brings the cult classic series Dark Shadows to the big screen. A great opportunity to introduce cinematic soundtrack, this medley certainly depicts the intensity of Danny Elfman’s original score.

Game of Thrones
arr. Michael Brown, Grade 2
The dark and dramatic theme from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones is one of the most distinctive and effective themes for TV or film to come along in several years. Arranged in a powerful setting for young bands, this is sure to be a hit with your students.

Highlights from How to Train Your Dragon
John Powell, arr. Johnnie Vinson, Grade 2
Composed by John Powell, the exciting and emotionally powerful music from the DreamWorks film How to Train Your Dragon has taken on a life of its own. Here is an adaptation for younger bands by Johnnie Vinson that includes the tender lyricism as well as dramatic heroic moments of the original.

James Horner Movie Magic
arr. Michael Brown, Grade 3
James Horner has written some of the most memorable and striking movie themes of the past 30 years, and Michael Brown has assembled several of them in this stunning medley – “The Bioluminescence of the Night” (from Avatar), “Southampton” (from Titanic), “The Plaza of Execution” (from The Mask of Zorro), Rocketeer Main Theme, and Theme from Field of Dreams.

arr. Jay Bocook, Grade 3
The theme to the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall was co-written and performed by popular British singer-songwriter, Adele, and won both the Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Faithful to the original, Jay Bocook’s arrangement for band is sure to spark your students, and be a hit with your audience!

For more great suggestions for your concert band, contact Stanton’s band department. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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