The “Other Woodwinds” Part Three

melbay-95361-fPart one of “The Other Woodwinds” discussed the recorder, and part two discussed the Native American flute.  Part three discusses the “tinwhistle,” also called a “pennywhistle.”  It’s called a “tin” whistle because it’s traditionally made of tin rolled into a tube and finished as a musical instrument.  It’s called a “penny” whistle because the street urchins and itinerant performers used to charge a penny to play a tune.

Mel Bay’s “You Can Teach Yourself Tinwhistle”  can get you started with your new tinwhistle. This book of 80 pages can teach you to read music, how to play the notes on the whistle, and it gives you songs to play. Stanton’s also sells tinwhistles– The Original Clarke Penny Whistle in the key of D.  Once you get the hang of your pennywhistle, there is a book of Irish tunes to play called Mel Bay’s Deluxe Tinwhistle Songbook.  It has guitar chords written in so you can have  a friend play along with you.  Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day, or just get the book for fun.

For more information about tinwhistle music or Irish music for Saint Patrick’s Day, please call us at 1-800-42-MUSIC, email us at, or visit our website at Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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