Must-Hear New Concert Band Pieces

As our band staff was checking out the hundreds of new titles for concert band this year, we came across some fantastic arrangements that we’re excited to share!  From the bold fanfare Carnegie Anthem to the dizzying intensity of Vertigo, the triumphal Aces High from Battle of Britain to the uplifting spirit of An Impulse to Soar, the epic vastness of Stardance to the hip, Cool Jazz sound of Legends of Jazz, these are arrangements you just can’t miss!  Of course, they comprise part of Stanton’s Staff Selections for high school band for the 2012-13 school year – to see the complete list of our Staff Selections for this year, click here.  If you also teach beginning or middle school bands, check out our Must-Hear Young Band titles, and keep following the Stanton’s blog for more new concert band features.  Happy Listening!

Grade 3.5
Aces High
– arr. Larry Daehn
Carnegie Anthem – William Owens
Earhart: Sounds of Courage – Robert W. Smith
Everest: The Forbidden Journey – Rob Romeyn
Exuberance – Brant Karrick
Savannah River Rhapsody – Robert Sheldon
Venture – Sean O’Loughlin
Vertigo – Chris M. Bernotas

Grade 4
And In the End It Was Earth
– Roland Barrett
An Impulse to Soar – Patrick J. Burns
In Perfect Silence I Often Gaze at the New Stars – Richard Saucedo
Joy in All Things – Brian Balmages
Legends of Jazz – arr. Stephen Bulla
Stardance – Michael Sweeney
The Winged Stallion – Rossano Galante

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