A Fiddling Christmas, by Craig Duncan

What’s more fun than playing Christmas carols on the violin?  Playing more Christmas carols on the violin, of course!

A Fiddling Christmas“,collected by Craig Duncan, from Mel Bay Publications, has 73 Christmas songs.  These songs come from all over.  “Angels We Have Heard on High” was a French carol first published in 1842.  “Away in a Manger” has two tunes: the Kirkpatrick tune was first published in Cincinatti, Ohio.  “The Cherry Tree Carol” has been sung in England since at least the 17th century.  “Christmas Eve” is a fiddle tune from the Appalachians, heard beginning in the 1920’s.  “Oh Christmas Tree” came from Germany. “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” hails from Poland.  A lively fiddle tune called “Frost and Snow” comes from Ireland.  The tunes are not long, only 2-4 lines each.  There is a piano accompaniment book included with the fiddle book.  A second violin part is provided for each tune, so violin duets are a possibility with this collection.  If there is no pianist available, chords are provided above the staff.  A guitarist can strum along, or a mandolin player.  Some songs have few enough chords that an auto-harp player can play along.  This book is great for get-togethers, Christmas party background music, or  just plain fun.

To inquire about this book of sheet music for fiddle, or other fiddle music, contact us at 1-800-42-MUSIC. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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