Elementary Holiday Musicals!

If you’re planning to perform a holiday musical with your elementary students this December, try one of these “Stanton’s Approved” new publications, or one of our “Favorite Best-sellers” from Christmases past…

NEW FOR 2012

Jingle Bell Jukebox…the Flip Side
This exciting sequel to Jingle Bell Jukebox delivers even more Christmas cheer! All the kids are singing and dancing to this festive collection of holiday hits arranged especially for 2-part singers. Program these favorite holiday songs individually, as a concert set, or as a simply staged 35-minute musical (using the optional soda-shop-setting script). Nine reproducible songs with complete choreography! Recommended for grades 3-8.

Stormy the Singing Snowman
Oh, no! The popular Snowfest festival is just around the corner, and the feature soloist had to cancel! Members of the Snowfest Choir are sent out to hunt for new talent. Join the fun and the singing as Stormy (the snowman) and his Forest Chorus friends decide to audition for the Maestro. Can you guess who ends up with the big solo? Approximately 25 minutes. Recommended for grades 2-7.

Twinkle & Shine
Santa wants a “living” tree in the great hall this Christmas, and comedy abounds as Santa’s helpers ask the trees, animals and birds of the forest for help. Discover the important lesson they all learn and watch your young students twinkle & shine when they perform this heart-warming musical that features five original songs and easy-to-learn rhyming dialog with over 40 speaking parts. Recommended for grades K-3


It’s Christmas Everywhere
This around-the-world celebration of Christmas, exploring carols and traditions from Germany, Japan, Australia, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and Spain. Both familiar and lesser-known carols are included,framed by an up-beat theme song which is reprised at the end, incorporating holiday greetings in six languages. Narrations introduce each country and carol, to explain the traditions of the region. Approximately 25-30 minutes.

Jingle All The Way
With some help from MapQuest, Johnnie, Nellie and Susie head out for the North Pole to meet Santa. Just listen for the jingle in Santa’s heart. But, what’s this – Santa has lost his jingle? Have we lost the true meaning of Christmas? Join the journey as the North Pole gang gets everyone’s help to restore the jingle in Santa’s heart and find the spirit and joy of the season. This entertaining 20-minute musical features clever rhyming dialog with 30 speaking parts. Suggested for grades K-3.

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
The retelling of the timeless Christmas classic is a holiday tradition! Six festive songs are interspersed throughout the original Clement Moore poem, creating a theatrical performance that is sure to “wow” your holiday audience. From the cheery “Christmas Is Coming,” to the rockin’ “Reindeer on the Roof,” and Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies,” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas is filled with memorable music! Recommended for grades K-6, approximately 20 minutes

For more great holiday suggestions, contact our Classroom Music specialists, or browse Holiday Musicals on our website. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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