Mike Brewer’s “Choral World Tour”

The choral series Mike Brewer’s Choral World Tour brings together traditional songs from around the world in exciting a cappella arrangements that will both challenge and stimulate your choir.  Each piece is accompanied by a translation and pronunciation guide.

The series is available in four collections from all corners of the world.  El Cascabel (Three Songs from the Americas) brings you the driving rhythms of Central America (“El Cascabel/Son Jarocho” from Mexico), the emotive plainchant of North America (“Pueblo Sunrise Song” from New Mexico), and a passionate Argentine tango (“Tango Cappella” from Argentina).

In Korobushka (Three Songs from Europe), you’ll feel the rush of Russian dance (“Korobushka,” a love song from Russia), experiment with the unique sounds of Scandinavia (“Kvolda Tekur,” an Icelandic folksong), and step back in time to Renaissance France (“Tourdion,” a Renaissance dance song).

Travel to the African continent with Oalla Mohololi (Three Songs from Africa).  Feel the pulsing rhythms of South Africa (“Oalla Mohololi,” a Sotho ceremonial song), experience the solid harmonies of a Namibian chorus (“Meguru,” a Kavango song), and experiment with indigenous vocal techniques (“Yelli bo’dek dhaya fikri,” a love song from Tunisia).

Pokarekare (Three Songs from Asia and the Pacific) brings your world tour to a close.  In this collection, you’ll feel the warmth of a Maori love song (“Pokarekare”), experience an intricate pentatonic part-song from China (“Holday danaa”), and incorporate Bengalese percussion into your performance (“Molihua”).

For more exciting world music resources for your choir, please contact us. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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