New March Arrangements for Community Band

Marches are a staple of summer band concerts, and there are quality new arrangements released every year.  The band staff at Stanton’s would like to recommend the following titles to add to your band library, and your summer concerts this year.

Karl King had a true gift for crafting flawless marches for bands of all levels. Aces of the Air is a splendid, straight-ahead march.  The scoring is solid, clean & uncluttered, with just the right amount of technical decoration, and marvelous low brass countermelodies that just make it sing.

Americans We may be one of the most popular marches of the hundreds that were written by Henry Fillmore. Robert Foster has clarified some inconsistencies in the original quick-step size edition and provided extensive program notes on performing this standard march.

Made famous for generations to “children of all ages”, march masterpiece Entrance of the Gladiators is at last available in this concert edition arranged by Andrew Glover. This delightful, entertaining, and familiar work will be a hit at any concert performance.

Fans and march enthusiasts will be delighted with John Philip Sousa’s wonderfully stylish, rediscovered Esprit du Corps.  At the time it was written, Sousa was living in Philadelphia and had not yet begun his Marine Band career; however, it was not published for band until after he left the Marine Band and formed his professional band.

Count on Karl King to define the timelessness of a great march—The Viking is 100 years old! Composed in 1911 when King was playing in his first circus band at the tender age of 20, it rose to prominence almost immediately when Indiana University borrowed its heroic, singable trio for their school fight song. This is incomparable King at his best.

More great march titles can be found on our concert band webpage, and other suggestions are listed under the Community Band tab. Feel free to place your order online, give us a call, or add them to your wish list. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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