Make Marching Band Easier with Kickbutt Cadences

Directing a marching band is a time consuming and planning intensive endeavor, so there can never be too many tools to make the band director’s life easier.  Generally the domain of the drumline, percussion cadences are often steeped in tradition – written and added to by the best drummers in the section, passed from one battery of drummers to the next, and if the band program is stable, cadences can be passed from generation to generation.

What if your program is lacking this tradition?  Maybe your current battery is young and green, and you don’t have any writers among them?  What if you (or your drummers) are just looking for something new and fresh?  Hal Leonard percussion writer and arranger Will Rapp has released Kickbutt Cadences and Kickbutt Cadences Volume 2 to help!  Each set contains 4 dynamic, hard-hitting cadences that can be mixed and matched to suit your drumline.  A conductor score and full set of parts is included in each, and they are available via our Digital Delivery site, so ordering replacement parts when your drummers lose them (and you know they will) is easy!

For more ideas, visit the Percussion Cadences section of our marching band webpage.  You may not have any writers in your group, but we’re sure they’ll be glad to help you pick out some new cadences and be responsible for starting a new tradition!

For other Stanton’s suggestions to make marching band easier, visit the 4th of July tab on our marching band webpage for some great patriotic recommendations, and check out our recent post about Hal Leonard’s Parade Sequence arrangements to make parade planning a breeze. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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