New OMEA Required Concert Band Preview #4 – High School Class C

This last preview of the new required pieces on the OMEA high school concert band lists features the new Class C titles.  After the holidays we will preview the new required pieces for junior high/middle school band, and Stanton’s recommendations for the best new marches.  You can view and listen to the complete OMEA required concert band lists by clicking on the OMEA Required Music Lists option on our concert band webpage, and selecting the list you wish to view.  We hope you find this preview to be useful, and look forward to helping you plan a successful contest program.

New OMEA Class C Required Selections

Beyond the Clouds –Chandler Comer
A heroic and expansive overture that, as its title implies, sails far and wide in its pursuit of musical excellence.  Proud brasses, sweeping woodwinds, and energetic percussion writing offer splendid interest for all players, and combine for a fresh, well-balanced and inspiring musical experience.

Joy Revisited – Frank Ticheli
(from the publisher notes)  Joy Revisited, and its companion piece, Joy, are the results of an experiment I have wanted to try for many years: the creation of two works using the same general melodic and expressive content…Despite some differences between the two works, both come from the same essential cut of cloth, both were composed more or less simultaneously, and both were born out of the same source of inspiration.  In short, Joy and Joy Revisited serve as two expressions of the feelings experienced by one expectant father (who happens also to be a composer) on one wonderfully anxious and exciting day.

Nevermore – Brian Balmages
This truly distinctive work brings the eerie story of Poe’s The Raven to programmatic musical life.  Filled with intriguing contemporary effects, unsettling dissonances, and haunting piano nuances, we follow the slow descent into madness as it takes its toll.  A welcome & refreshing dramatic alternative, it will thoroughly engage your students and audience.

A Scottish Portrait – James Swearingen
Three of Scotland’s finest musical tartans dress up this splendid suite, showcasing the varied moods & contrasting spirits of an ageless realm.  From the lighthearted dances & whimsical folk tunes that skip across the lochs, to the far-off drone of the bagpipes, to a truly inspired lyrical chorale treatment of Scotland the Brave, this portrait is rich with color & heritage.

Symphonic Overture – Charles Carter
(from the publisher notes)  Charles Carter is a pioneer of school band music, and this classic work of his is on the required music lists across most of the United States.  With a fresh new recording this year, band directors will remember that you can’t go wrong with a classic.

All of these titles can be ordered via, or by phone (1-800-426-8742).  Don’t forget to order your judges’ scores – ordering now can save you stress come contest time (avoid them being out-of-stock, or worse, temporarily out-of-print).  Keep following the Stanton’s blog for our remaining concert band previews. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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