More Holiday and Winter Favorites for Orchestra

If you still need another selection to add to your Holiday program, try one of these recommendations from Stanton’s:

Arr. Andrew Dabczynski
35960 Gr. 2.5 $42.00
Tell the whole story with English carols, opt. narrator & percussion. Teaching Elements: Working with a narrator • aleatoric chaos • glissandi

THE MOON OF WINTER (The Huron Carol)
Arr. Vince Gassi
35917 Gr. 3 $45.00
Reverent adaptation of Canada’s oldest (1643) Christmas carol. Teaching Elements: key of F# minor • LH extensions • celli & bass shifting

Donald J. Young
50250023 Gr. 3 $50.00
The excitement of a brisk skiing trip up & down Mt. Washington. Teaching Elements: 16th notes at mm 132 • first violin & celli shifting

Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!

Categories: New Publications, Orchestra, Staff Picks


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