New English Folk Music for Orchestra

Stanton’s Sheet Music pores over all of the new publications each school year–looking for the best sounding, most educationally valid and highly programmable music–to find the best pieces to recommend to you!  Try one of these selections from the vast wealth of English folk music:

Arr. Sandra Dackow
35909 Gr. 2 $40.00
Clever, brisk 19th century song ala Gilbert and Sullivan. Violas get a low F#! Teaching Elements: short bow strokes, lifts • key change (G to C) • 16th note passages

Percy Grainger/David Giardiniere
35903 Gr. 3 $45.00
Grainger’s “merry and bright” English dance with spritely rhythmic patterns. TEACH: Grainger’s quirky instructions • staccato bowing • dance rhythms

Arr. Shirl J. Atwell
SO298C Gr. 3 $48.00
Poignant song of a woman commited to an asylum to keep her from her love. TEACH: balancing melody and accomp • key of D minor • reinforce shifting

For more recommendations from Stanton’s, contact Dan in Orchestra. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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