Sing…or walk the plank!

1talk-like-a-pirate[1]Talk like a Pirate Day,” September 19th be fast upon us! Why not spend the day swashbucklin’ by perusin’ these great grand resources for yer little lads and lasses?

New for 2011, A Pirate Christmas, combines a hearty crew of pirates on an island with Santa’s frosty elves–will “plundering” or “giving” win the day? 

How to Be a Pirate in Seven Easy Songs
This reproducible mini-musical transforms landlubber students into proud pirates, through story, song and simple costumes and props.

Pirates! The Musical
Join this salty crew of colorful scallywags, hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail for a mighty adventure. Perfect for upper elementary and middle school performers

Treasure Island
Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic, this 55-minute adaptation introduces Jim, Billy Bones, Long John Silver and a host of interesting characters and features eight original songs.

Ruth E. Schram’s collection Every Day’s a Holiday includes an original number for “Talk like a Pirate Day,” as well as songs in a variety of styles for creative holidays all year round.

Our Principal’s a Pirate Packed with humor and set in a jolly, pirate-style jig (complete with genuine pirate lingo), this 2-part choral arrangement even features a simple spoken part to involve your own principal.

The Pirate’s Life Uncover a hidden treasure with this swashbuckling 2-part novelty song. From the first “Yo-ho!” to the final “Yarr!” it’s rollicking fun all the way.

If ye be needin’ more idears, holler at us!


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