Attention: Ohio School Systems that have String Teachers and Orchestras!

If you weren’t able to get to any New Music Reading Sessions in the Summer, like the ones Stanton’s offers at The Ohio State University String Teacher Summer Workshop, we welcome you to consider gathering all your string teachers together, taking a professional work day and coming to Stanton’s Sheet Music as a group to read through new string orchestra material in Stanton’s side room – The James E. Strouse Workshop Hall.

Please call ahead at 1-800-426-8742 (1-800-42-MUSIC) Extension 2 to reserve the room for a morning and/or afternoon, spread the word among your fellow string teachers and have everyone bring his/her instrument and a music stand to experience new string music first hand, to see what might fit your groups.  Stanton’s is fully stocked on new pieces from classics to pops to Christmas to original pieces as well as standard titles and the string orchestra music on the OMEA Adjudication lists.

There are lots of great restaurants in downtown Columbus if you need a lunch break.  Bring your new purchase orders and you can take home the music that you want for your program.  You can also bill your music to a school activity account, booster organization or credit card.  So as they say on The Price Is Right – “Come on down!” Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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