Some funny stuff that’s been gathering…

We had a harried music teacher call and order a piece of music for a student just before adjudications.  She said, without much forethought “Could you set the music aside?  Either I will come in and get it or have my student’s parent come – can you file it under both of our names?”  We don’t know about other places, but we use alphabetical order by last name when we file things for pickup – shall we pull a King Solomon and tear the music in half?

We had another customer call.  The conversation went something like this:
Customer – “Has my music come in? I was supposed to get a call from you when it came in…”
Employee, after checking our records – “Yes – we called you ten days ago to tell you it was in.  We left a message.”
Customer – “Oh – I suppose I should check my voice mail…”

A number of years ago, we called a customer’s cell phone to tell them that a piece of instrumental music that they had ordered had come in for them.  “Well, that’s lucky – I’m at Stanton’s right now shopping for choral music!”  That was topped a few weeks ago when the customer who was called said, “I’m six feet away from you looking at conducting batons!”

A piece of music was temporarily out of print for quite a while, so we called the publisher to check the reprint status.  Our representative there checked their computer for that information and said, “Well, it was due off the press three weeks ago, but we don’t have it ready yet…so it will probably be next Thursday!”  And you know this how…?


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