SmartBoard Resources for Elementary Music

Do you have access to a SmartBoard for your elementary music classes? Stanton’s is now carrying a groundbreaking series of SmartBoard tools created by teachers, Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas, that will help you get the most out of your lessons!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 1
Using your interactive whiteboard just got a whole lot easier! This collection of ten interactive lessons is designed specifically for use in the K–5 music education classroom. Developed by music educators Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas, these exciting materials are student tested and proven to be effective in teaching music concepts. Lesson topics include: beginning notation, steady beat, and audiation, rondo form, pitches of the treble staff, reading and singing sol, mi, and la from a three-line staff, writing your own ostinato, beginning dictation and more!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 2
Harness your students’ love of the interactive whiteboard and expand their learning opportunities with this set of ten original lessons from notable educators and IWB aficionados Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas. Lesson topics include: concepts of sound/no sound, reading rhythms with iconic notation, using a hand staff to teach and compose with melodic notation, reinforcing rhythmic notation and more!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 3
Get in on the action and build your interactive whiteboard repertoire with this engaging set of activities from creators Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas. They continue their run of best-selling interactive blockbusters with several classroom games, and lesson topics including: dynamics, composing your own sol-mi melodies, ABA form, tempo and more!

SmartBoard Now, Volume 4
Are your students clamoring for more interactive whiteboard lessons? We’re here for you! Debbie Anderson and Phyllis Thomas have listened to your feedback about their first three volumes of lessons and have created another set to fit your teaching needs. As always, they tested these lessons in their classrooms, and they passed with flying colors! In this volume you will find the following lesson topics: basic melodic and rhythmic notation and principles, conducting, stick notation, meter and more!

A Musical Dice Game
Debbie Anderson, creator of numerous best-selling lessons for interactive whiteboards, presents this competitive game featuring note values. If your students love Yahtzee™, they’ll have a blast with DooZie. And, best of all, everything that’s needed is right at your fingertips. Pop the disc into your computer and your students can start playing today!

For more information on these and other classroom music products, contact us. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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