Violin Duets by Aleksey Igudesman

If you are one of the millions who have checked out Igudesman and Joo on youtube, you know their crazy schtick with violin and piano that calls for brilliant classical technique but a zany sense of humor and knowledge of ethnic styles as well.  If you don’t know them, think Victor Borge on steroids, or the Harlem Globetrotters as musicians in their underwear!  Now add an ethnic twist, such as Latin, Celtic or Klezmer and you get an idea of what Igudesman and Joo are all about.

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If you are a working violinist or college student with a leaning toward comedic but technically proficient performance, in recital or gig, the perfect vehicle for you has just become available (you will need a fellow violinist of the same ilk for the full effect).  Aleksey Igudesman has just published three books of music in his own wacky style for two violins that will take a fair amount of rehearsal and a slightly warped sense of humor to work up, but will prove to be the highlights of any performance.  Even if you only do them for your own amusement, they will be a blast, but will definitely take some work to polish up.  They are filled with double stops, flying sixteenth notes, odd meters, tricky rhythms and special effects which all make the final result that much more impressive.  If you are up to the challenge, check out:

Latin & More Violin Duets by Aleksey Igudesman
10 pieces including La Cucaracha, Rumba de Mumbai, On a Bus in Uruguay and more.

Klezmer & More Violin Duets by Aleksey Igudesman
10 pieces including Hava Nagila, The Crazy Bride, Dancing With the Rabbi and more.

Celtic & More Violin Duets by Aleksey Igudesman
10 pieces including Scotland the Brave, Irish Stew in the Morning, Giora Feidman Lost in Dublin and more.


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