Stanton’s Partners with Columbus Music Academy this Summer!

Stanton’s Sheet Music is excited about its new partnership with The Columbus Music Academy.  The Columbus Music Academy teaches over 700 students of all ages how to play musical instruments.  Columbus Music Academy works with young students to develop the fundamentals of learning to read music, count and use proper technique on the instrument you choose to play.

The Columbus Music Academy has asked Stanton’s Sheet Music to use the James E Strouse Workshop hall for their Saturday morning Band & Strings ensemble program.  The Saturday Band & Strings program was developed to give elementary and middle school students the opportunity to improve their playing skills beyond the regular school program. In addition, this program is available for students who do not have the opportunity to play an instrument in school due to scheduling issues or budget cuts. The program is divided into an 8-week Summer Session and two 10-week sessions during the school year. Each session will consist of technical study and ensemble work and will end with a performance.

Stanton’s Sheet Music is excited about the opportunity to partner the the Columbus Music Academy to give back to the music community and provide a central location at which students from all over the city can rehearse.

Register online at: Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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