Alry Publications to Close in 2012

Stanton’s was sorry to learn last week that flute/woodwind publisher Alry Publications will be closing their doors in 2012.  All of their catalog is in-stock with needed reprints completed, however as they run out of items they will not be restocked.  Stanton’s will be taking this opportunity to stock up on titles for the OMEA solo and ensemble list, and decided to share this information so that you can acquire any needed (or wishlisted) works for your personal or teaching libraries. 

Click the following links for a comprehensive listing of all Alry flute solo and ensemble works in the Stanton’s catalog; to visit the OMEA flute solo and ensemble lists; to visit the OMEA woodwind ensemble lists.


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  1. ALRY Publications will not be closing in 2012. We are under new ownership and now offer the entire catalog online at You may also follow us on Facebook at to keep up with the latest news and new releases. We will be announcing several new releases at the beginning of June so keep an eye out.

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