How Patriotic Will Your Spring Concert Be?

Thinking ahead to end-of-the-year concerts may not seem possible in February–when buried under a foot of snow and not seeing any sunlight until after your band has received its superior rating–but guess what…SPRING IS COMING! A few suggestions from the Stanton’s Sheet Music band staff may ease the tension of deciding what is next for your band to perform.

There are some really great new patriotic arrangements out there, from a grade 1.5 to grade 4, starting with the Latey/Glover arrangement of the America Triumphant. This march, composed by a former Army bandmaster, is bursting with patriotism, trumpet calls and spirited woodwind flourishes. Next is Let Freedom Ring,  from Arrangers Publishing. You could certainly hear this piece as a background soundtrack for a fireworks show. This Cohan favorite will give your audience goosebumps as they swell with national pride. If you are looking for a younger patriotic piece, consider America (Land of Liberty). This grade 1.5 piece adds a patriotic touch to your concert and helps your work with your band on changing style with these 3 effective settings of “America”: the first is evocative of the revolutionary war period in the flutes and drums, the second is more traditional and stately and a key change leads to the lyrical, vocal-like third section before a rousing ending. Your young band will love this piece!

Even though it seems a long way away, spring IS coming soon with all of its glorious sunshine. Let Stanton’s help you plan your spring repertoire so that you can get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather when it arrives. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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