CODA 2011 Regional Conference

ATTENTION:  COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY ORCHESTRA DIRECTORS! Are you a member of the College Orchestra Directors Association – CODA? If so, you are certainly aware of the 2011 Regional Conference being held in February in Ohio. If not, check their website for information about the conference as well as membership opportunities in the organization. The 2011 Regional Conference is being held at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio from February 18 – 20, 2011.

Featuring important challenges college orchestra directors face in the current economic and technological environment, presentations will focus on real, practical problems rather than musicological presentations. Sessions will include, among others, “Preparing Historically Informed Performances Using Modern Instruments,” “Enriching the Repertoire That Makes College Orchestras Unique,” “Addressing Practical Problems with Wind Instruments,” and “A Retrospective on Conductor Max Rudolf.” Many special guest speakers will be featured as well as a Gala Concert by the Miami University Symphony Orchestra. The conference is FREE and open to all members of CODA.


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