Elementary Musicals for Spring

If you are looking for a fresh, new musical productions to stage with your youngest elementary students this spring, Stanton’s recommends these great new publications:

The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Once upon a time there lived a bear with many friends, but he was restless. Surely there is more to life than eating honey and berries, and sleeping the winter away! It’s time to expand my horizons, he thought. So one day, Da Bear declares “this is the day” and begins his journeY up the mountain in search of adventure. But beware! What’s lurking over there? Come along and see what Da Bear and his animal buddies discover! This delightful musical features 6 original songs in a variety of musical styles, easy rhyming dialog with 47 speaking parts easily adaptable for casts of varying sizes and teaching objectives linked to the National Standards for each song.

Freddie the Frog and the Mighty MeterGnome
Runaway to Treble Clef Island, where Super Frog and Mr. E– the well-known and beloved Freddie the Frog and Eli the Elephant-save the ants, beetle bugs, and damselflies by resetting the Mighty Meter Gnome, who sets the pace of their working feet. Amid this engaging story, energetic melodies, and colorful costumes and sets, students learn about friendship, team work and music concepts including tempo terms and beat. The optional Orff accompaniments allow you to include even more students in the performance, and the included P/A CD features a high-energy instrumental ensemble and makes this musical accessible in any setting. Super Frog and Mr. E to the rescue!

How Does Your Garden Groove?
A follow-up to the best-selling “A Barnyard Moosical“, “How Does Your Garden Groove?” is a charming and imaginative mini-musical, where we meet the musically talented group of vegetables growing in Freddy and Franny Farmer’s garden. You will discover this is not your typical garden- variety musical as the french fried potatoes have “appeal,” leafy vegetables sing “Lettuce Entertain You” and the corn and peas beg “Please Don’t Put Us in a Can-Can!” With the help of Freddy and Franny Farmer, these lively veggies will sing and dance their way into everyone’s heart.

For more great recommendations, contact our general music department. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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