Be Ready in January!

When your elementary general music classes resume after winter break, be ready to jump right back into learning!

For your early elementary students, we suggest Sound Stories. This creative collection is designed to reinforce your students’ reading and listening skills. Each of the 18 reproducible stories contains “special words” that are attached to sounds and rhythms. These instrumental inserts will enhance the story as your children become the “sound effects.” There are many choices for presentation; you could even act out the story for a final product!

Older elementary students will love A Wide World of WebVisits! These easy-to-use, multi-faceted lessons are based around music websites. A perfect resource for music appreciation classes, these lessons will enable your students to explore everything from African music and rare instruments like Benjamin Franklin’s glass armonica to world-class orchestras and arts organizations without ever stepping out of the classroom. From ten-minute “excursions” to full-blown units, you will surely find a “WebVisit” suited to your particular needs and curricular goals.

If you are planning to produce an elementary musical this spring, Puttin’ on the Kidz is a great new resource for teachers! Designed to save you time and energy, you will find valuable techniques and a wealth of knowledge including: a history of the musical theater, memorization, resources for costumes and props, sample letters, standard forms to help expedite the audition process, stage and block your production, and engage parent volunteers. Each chapter is followed with powerful ideas and inspiring suggestions from music teachers across the country.

For more information about these or other classroom music products, please contact us. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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