John Carter Celebration Concert!

On October 17th, 2010 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 4850 Haughn Road, Grove City, Ohio there will be a concert in celebration of  local composer John Carter’s 80th birthday. The concert will be at 7:00 p.m. and will celebrate the vastness of his compositions which include choral literature (over 600 anthems) to piano music to trumpet music and more.  The public is invited to join in this celebratory evening which will prove to be very festive indeed!

Here at Stanton’s, we have John Carter’s arrangements and compositions in various forms. One of the best-selling piano books arranged by John is “Today’s Hymns and Songs for Piano;” Caryn, who works in the piano department, loves the arrangements of “On Eagle’s Wings” and “Here I Am, Lord”  which are featured in this collection.  Judy–who is also in the piano department–recommends that people buy “Patriotic Songs for Piano.” For advanced pianists, this book is a winner for the patriotic season!  The newest piano collection that has arrived from John is a compilation of his piano books along with about 20 newly arranged pieces entitled, “The Collected Works of John Carter.” This is perfect for the church pianist and has a spiral bound cover!  For more of John Carter’s piano books, please go to

For those interested in sacred choral anthems arranged/composed by John, one should look at the pieces, “Shall We Gather at the River” and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.”  Both of these have been great sellers over the years.  A beautiful secular SSA piece that John has composed, “I Leave You With a Song,” has been on the OMEA contest list.

For those playing trumpet, John Carter has arranged a trumpet/piano accompaniment collection called, “Sound the Trumpet” which would be great for those trumpet players in churches.

So mark your calendars, Columbus, and come celebrate with John Carter!  Happy 80th birthday John!


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