Orchestra Reading Session *PREVIEW*

ORCHESTRA DIRECTORS!  Do you still some money left on a purchase order and want to get a jump on next year’s programming?  Stanton’s has been looking at some new String Orchestra materials to find the “cream-of-the-crop” for our New Music Reading Sessions at the OSU String Teacher Workshop, and thought you might like a sneak peak at them before everybody else!

Highlights from Carl Fischer:

WESTERN DAWN by Alan Lee Silva – Grade 1.5
Silva does his typically wonderful tone painting on this very approachable portrait of Americana, underscoring the comings and goings of a small western town as the sun fills the morning sky.

SPY VS. SPY by Matt Turner – Grade 2
With a tip of the hat to Mad Magazine, this one is reminiscent of spy movie theme music from the 1960s and 1970s.  Optional conga and bongo parts as well as an opportunity for students to improvise on a blues or pentatonic scale.  Groovy, man!

BLUE RIDGE RUN by Alan Lee Silva – Grade 2
Yes, we admit we are real Alan Lee Silva fans!  His pieces always paint pictures!  This one has a taste of fiddling, but lots of contrast as well and everyone’s part is interesting and important.  Not your typical bluegrass fare.

PACEM NOEL arranged by Larry Clark – Grade 2
It’s never too early to consider new Christmas Concert music!  Here is a tasteful blend of Dona Nobis Pacem and The First Noel (with just a sprinkle of Angels We Have Heard on High) to send out wishes for peace on earth, good will towards men.

SAILING by Yukiko Nishumura – Grade 3
From the imagination of a new string orchestra composer, enjoy a vibrant and energetic depiction of a ship’s journey on the ocean, interspersed with moments of tranquility and the changing of the water from blue to gray.

Highlights from Latham Music:

WE THREE KINGS arranged by Jason W. Krug – Grade 2.5
A very creative reworking of the favorite ancient carol that rolls back and forth between minor and major, this arrangement is perfect for the string orchestra that is doing some shifting by holiday time.  First violins, violas and cellos all get to do some basic position work to reinforce their shifting lessons.

OVERTURE TO JOSEPH by Georg Frederic Handel/Philip Clark – Grade 3
If you are not familiar with Philip Clark, he has been giving us exquisite arrangements over the last several years of music that hasn’t been played in centuries which he has discovered in libraries all over Europe  – lost treasures from well known and obscure composers that deserve to be played.  Here’s one of them!

SYMPHONIA #4 IN D MAJOR by William Herschel/Janet Farrar-Royce and Lynne Latham – Grade 3
It is always so refreshing to find good arrangements of obscure works that provide proof that there were many fine composers in centuries past that have been overshadowed by the big name writers of the time.  Herschel was part of the “Sturm und Drang” (Storm and Stress) school of the late Baroque era and while his musical accomplishments may have been lost to the masses, he is best know as the astronomer who discovered Uranus!  And his music is stellar too!

AMERICAN SKETCHES by Joshua Reznicow – Grade 4
All-original music with an American flavor, this one will take some horses, but will be very impressive when worked up.  Plenty to do in all the parts, lots of rhythmic and time signature variety, upper position work in all parts and solos sprinkled throughout.  It has a slight feel of Copland, but definitely sings its own song.

These are in stock at Stanton’s Sheet Music so you can order them right away.  Call 1-800-42-MUSIC, order online at or FAX an order to 614-224-5929.  Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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