Supplementary Repertoire to Help Piano Students

Have you ever been in a situation where a piano student is just not succeeding at the piano? Possibly the student has poor note-reading skills, or just transferred from another instrument and doesn’t know the bass clef well; maybe they could use help with intervals on the piano. We at Stanton’s hear a lot about the wonderful teaching moments as well as those that can frustate all of us.

To help improve skills on timing problems, one can try “Basic Timing for the Pianist” which has 105 short  exercises that lead to a better handle on timing. Metronomes can help, but also short exercises with various syncopated rhythms can improve the skills of pianists.

Another book that is useful in teaching piano students is the collection “Winning Rhythms.” There are helpful, short exercises which you can clap or play on a single note on any instrument.  There are surely other variations in which to use this rhythm speller as well.

For the budding young pianist, two inventive notespellers to use are “Color By Note Book 1” and  “Color by Note Book 2.”  As children identify the notes, they color in parts of a picture with different colored crayons for each letter name. In the end, they have a picture that is completely colored in, creating their own artistic work.

Basic Bass Clef” is wonderful for vocalists and instrumentalists who are beginning piano study and need to gain knowledge of the bass clef.  It is also useful for additional reinforcement for piano students of any age who need a review of the bass clef.

Contact us for recommendations of additional supplementary piano books that you can use in your piano studio. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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