Hanukkah Music for Choirs

Hanukkah menorahLooking for the perfect Hanukkah piece for your December choral concert?  Take a look at one of these selections:

Jason Robert Brown is best known for his award-winning musical theatre writing (Parade, The Last Five Years, Songs for a New World), and his Chanukah Suite is arranged with his usual flair.  Set in three movements: S’vivon al Hanisism, Mi Yemalel, and Ma’oz Tsur.

Concert pianist and composer Jeffrey Biegel has penned Hanukah Fantasy, an incredibly sophisticated choral tour-de-force.  This work features a full panorama of choral textures over a fresh harmonic palette.  A great feature for an accomplished accompanist.

Perfect for middle school choirs, Kindle the Candles Tonight is a memorable Hanukkah original that employs a fluid piano accompaniment, picturesque imagery, melodic vocals and effective dynamic contrasts.  A great opportunity for students to learn about the history of this holiday and its meaning for the families who celebrate it.

For a lighter (and maybe a little silly) approach to the festival of lights, check out How Do You Spell Chanukah? (complete with placards displaying all the spelling variations!) or Chanukah in Santa Monica.

Need more ideas?  Contact us. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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