Not your average “corner music store”

If we may “toot our own horn” for a bit…It sometimes seems that Stanton’s employees and their regular customers get so used to Stanton’s Sheet Music being here and doing what we do, that we forget what a rare and frankly, pretty special place that it is.  We had a first-time customer come in the store to buy his daughter some violin books the other day.  He said to one of our employees, “You are a music store – but you have all these people that look like they are working here – what do they do?”
His past experience told him that a music store has one or two people working at it and they mostly stand around waiting for something to happen.  Not so at Stanton’s!  He was told that we do business with musicians around the world – conductors, teachers, students, singers and players from amateur to professional.  We get orders on the phone, through the mail, viaStanton's FAX, e-mail and our website – and we are busy all the time!  Sheet music is coming in and going out at a rate unlike most other sheet music stores.  Stanton’s is one of the largest and busiest stores of our kind in the country – and probably the world.  The customer seemed quite impressed and satisfied with the answer.  We’re pretty sure that he will be back for more music as his daughter progresses.

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