Have you got Chills?

Whether those goose bumps are from the dropping temperature or from the anticipation of ghosts and goblins, there are a variety of collections available for celebrating this time of year with young singers!

Kick off your school year with John Jacobson’s Silly Songs and Sing-Alongs for Fall. This wacky collection has 12 seasonal songs set to clever new lyrics for the beginning of school, football season, Halloween, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and more.

fall festivalNew from Mary Donnelly and George Strid, Fall Festival is a “do-it-yourself” musical celebrating falling leaves, marching bands, harvest, patriotism and the message of Veterans Day. There are special graded songs for K-1, 2-3 and 4-6, which can be used independently in the classroom or combined for an all-school performance!

If your school plans a program or party just for Halloween, we suggest It’s Halloween. This “spirited” collection contains ten original holiday songs in a variety of styles, choreography and ghoulish project activities which present ways to make Halloween safe and fun in your school and community.

Cheryl Lavender’s Moans, Groans and Skeleton Bones will have you shuddering and shaking with this wonderful collection of ‘pumpkin carols’ for Grades K-6. Each song features clever Halloween lyrics set to well-known familiar melodies. (You’ll love the “scary” sound effects on the professionally recorded CD.)

Sing and Play on Special Days is a versatile collection of singing games, rounds, poems, songs with Orff accompaniments, and unison and 2 part /piano songs. Many of the songs in this collection focus on fall, Veteran’s Day, and Halloween, but you’ll continue to use it for special days throughout the school year.

For more suggestions to use with your “little monsters,” contact the general music department. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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