Stanton’s Got the Blues

Blue Accounting walls 3If Stanton’s is anything, Stanton’s is colorful.  This summer we’ve had the time and resources to get a couple of projects done around the building, like the new roof and a lighting installation that’s still in progress.

The accounting/shipping department has been wanting to paint in their area for a while, and they were finally able to make that change recently. To refresh and brighten the back of the store, they chose a vibrant shade of light blue. After a few days of prepping the department: removing all the wall hangings, patching up all of the little holes from postings, pictures and a cadre of miscellaneous things put up with thumb tacks, it was time to lay down the first layer of paint. The finished job is definitely a noticeable difference (it makes that area look much larger) and seeing that nothing has changed back there in 27 years, the change is good! We’re interested in hearing opinions from customers as they head to the back counter to be billed out.

With all the improvements we’ve been making lately, it’s a great time to come visit the Stanton’s and get ready for the school year. Shop Stanton’s for all your sheet music needs!


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